There’s a Kind of a Hush

When we have learned how to listen to trees, then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy.                                                 ~ Herman Hesse Our young dog makes a mad dash out the back door to surprise the crowd at the bird feeder. The birds explode in a shower […]


… It is not a sentimental but a grimly literal fact that unless we share this terrestrial globe with creatures other than ourselves, we shall not be able to live on it for long. Joseph Wood Krutch The other night our big cat, Betty, sat by the closed French door staring out through the glass. […]

Good Natured

As I sat on a bench overlooking Clear Creek, the noise from the nearby highway was discernible, but not too intrusive. I could hear the creek below me and the kid noises from the playground across the creek. Broken sunlight through the clouds, light wind; I felt stress drain away and my batteries recharge. It […]

Oh, Poop!

Lying on top of the bird feeder, it appeared to send an ominous message to the small birds that routinely feed there. It was nearly as large as some of the smaller birds, and seemed placed to establish dominance, like wolves marking their territory. It reminded me of the turkey scat my dad used to […]

Piano Birds

They fluttered down like leaves tossed into the air, then wheeled around jockeying for a place at the feeder. Their chirping was loud and insistent, and the ones that didn’t get a perch landed in the nearby bushes and loudly complained about their fate. Spring brings out all the birds; the ones that overwintered are […]