Curmudgeon5Steve Tarlton writes from Golden, CO and has enjoyed nature throughout his life in Colorado, Texas, Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, Georgia, Florida, California and other exotic places. He is a retired environmental engineer.


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  1. i read your article in the October 31 Summit Daily. Quite poetic with a bit of scolding thrown in including a vandal’s rather short-sighted “scrawl”, ‘nature bats last”. Well, quite the philosopher, that fellow. And, of course, he’s right on the mark or will be when the sun engulfs the earth in a few billion years. In the meantime, everything built by man requires maintenance – from Lake Powell to the buttons on your shirt and the keys on your pc. And the maintenance of lakes Powell and Mead will or won’t be done as the then conditions will dictate. Interim scolding won’t have amounted to much.
    Who am I? i’m a state registered professional engineer (several states) since the 1960s, and have been in the consulting engineering profession since 1957 with major projects coast to coast and Summit County, Co since the late 1970s. In the 1980s I was the site design engineer for the then new K-12 school on the Navajo reservation about 30 miles north of Magdalena, NM. I first boated Lake Powell in the 1960s and have been going there steadily since then.
    My two power boats are now winterized here in Summit County. both have spent years on the lake.
    I can hear it’s being said, “Well, you’re part of the problem.”
    Nope. Mother nature is the problem. (and the million people whom are added to the earth’s population every four days.)


    • I agree, it’s Mom’s problem, but we’re the ones who don’t always think ahead. Although, if this is all accurate, a dam on Glen Canyon solves a problem for Lake Mead.
      I have wondered what will happen centuries from now if the dam is removed. Will all the silt and goo ultimately wash downstream, restoring the original canyon? Thanks for reading and commenting.


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