My seven-year old friend reached into the paper bag and pulled out a yellow lollipop with a grand flourish. Putting it back in each time, she flourished a red, then a blue, then a green. She explained that the green one was her favorite, but we could pick one from the bag. Abracadabra, the bag […]

Oh, Poop!

Lying on top of the bird feeder, it appeared to send an ominous message to the small birds that routinely feed there. It was nearly as large as some of the smaller birds, and seemed placed to establish dominance, like wolves marking their territory. It reminded me of the turkey scat my dad used to […]

Cleaning Up

As reported by the media, it was a real mess. The US Environmental Protection Agency was conducting clean-up activities at the Gold King Mine in Colorado and accidentally caused a spill of a million gallons of contaminated mine water into the Animas River, turning it bright orange. This contamination represents a case of natural materials […]