Science and Faith

“Without mystery, life shrinks. The completely known is a numbing void to all active minds.” E.O.Wilson, The Future of Life 2000 – “It’s not gambling,” my friend explained, “It’s very scientific. Each stock is valued according to the success of the company. As the company profits rise, the stock value rises. As the profits fall, […]

Changing Nature

The prairie stretched in front of us for several miles. “What do you see?” I asked. Sara looked around with that half-bored expression teens sometimes have, “Grass,” was all she said. “Look down, then.” I instructed, “What’s right here beneath you?” She looked askance, then looked down, “Well, some grass. Some rocks, some of those […]

Piano Birds

They fluttered down like leaves tossed into the air, then wheeled around jockeying for a place at the feeder. Their chirping was loud and insistent, and the ones that didn’t get a perch landed in the nearby bushes and loudly complained about their fate. Spring brings out all the birds; the ones that overwintered are […]