Bees in Trees

They are scattered around town in vacant lots or overgrown, undeveloped tracts: The characteristic white box, about three feet square and maybe somewhat taller, is spotted where there’s plenty of sage or other floral shrubs. I never know whose hives they are, but most seem to be well tended. A couple of times over the […]


“The idea behind agrivoltaics is simple: use the ‘empty’ space beneath solar panels to grow stuff.”                                                 ~ Gabe Allen and Tyler Hickman On the hills above my town, there are some solar panels placed in the grassland. I’ve noticed that in spite of the panels, the shaded areas are full of vegetation that periodically require mowing. […]

Ain’t Miss Bee Havens

“Two bees or not two bees, that is the question.” ~ Apologies to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet One of the most important species for continued human and animal survival upon the Earth is a small, flying insect that buzzes around our heads and can sting us painfully — the bee. Conservation Specialist Stefanie Steele notes, “Our […]