The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves. Rachel Carson “In the 1860’s an army surveyor was here and noted that the grass grew up to his horse’s shoulders,” he said. The archaeologist and I stood on a small bluff overlooking the Little Colorado […]

Environmental Quandary

I am struck again by the apparently incompatible concept of man and nature. When we intrude into nature, do we decrease its nature-ness? “But all conservation of wildness is self-defeating, for to cherish we must see and fondle, and when enough have seen and fondled, there is no wilderness left to cherish.” Aldo Leopold, A […]

Nature Bandaids

“…a land ethic that holds at its core an appreciation for the community, not just the commodity, of your property,” John Marzluff, Subirdia Studies have reported that approximately three percent of the earth’s land surface is urbanized and the ‘human footprint’ is felt on up to 83%. A third of our land is devoted to […]